Troubleshooting Wireless Connection Issues
Problems with your wireless connection can be extremely frustrating, particularly when they occur at an inconvenient time (such as when you have to email someone by a certain deadline, and you are working away from home with no tech support access). Thankfully though, usually, WiFi issues can be repaired easily.

If the red X appears over the wireless icon on your status bar, if you are informed that there’s no available wireless network (when you know that there is), or if your smartphone computer reports that there’s no wireless connection, here’s what to do:

Check Whether Your Wireless Radio is Switched on
Search for a special function key or hardware button on your laptop, which can switch your wireless radio off or on — it might have been mistakenly switched off. Hit the function key or press the hardware button to test whether this has happened. Also, occasionally, your wireless radio might be disabled by the Business mobile device management settings on your phone or laptop. Repair this permanently by using the Power Options menu on your device. Here, you can change the settings, so that the wireless adapter will not be disabled when the batter runs low. If you use a wireless network USB adapter, ensure that it is correctly plugged in. Also, on a smartphone, you should check if the device is wireless enabled, in the main settings of the phone.Read more about Business mobile device management

Get Nearer to the Access Router Point, Eradicate Interference
Furniture, walls, windows, metal objects, wireless phones and all types of other obstructions might affect the strength of a wireless signal. A study referred to by Cisco reported that sometimes, microwaves hinder data throughput by up to sixty-four percent, and that analog phones and video cameras can produce one-hundred percent reduced throughput (i.e. no data connection). Move nearer to the source of the wireless signal. Also, for home networks, try a more central position for the wireless router.

Reset or Restart the Access Point or Wireless Router
Assuming you can access your wireless router, shutting down and then restarting your router will reset the signal, and occasionally allow you to reconnect. Often, electrical disturbances or the weather can reset wireless hardware to its’ default settings. If a bad storm has recently occurred in your region, try using the default settings (specified in the manufacturer’s handbook) to connect to the wireless router. If you manage to connect with the default settings, you will have to reprogram any customized settings, such as crucial WPA wireless security.

Examine the SSID
Generally, your smartphone or computer will automatically locate new available networks, and allow you to pick one to connect with. Nonetheless, some wireless networks are designed to be concealed (they do not show SSID — Service Station Identifier — publicly). If you can not locate a network’s name in the list of available networks that appears, ask the network owner to tell you what the security key and SSID are. Then, you can add the new network manually.

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